Blumberry is a communications agency that works.

Blumberry is a communications agency that works. We judge ourselves by our successes. Only effective ideas are good ideas. Blumberry excels in PR, advertisement, event management, online communication, strategy, social media and public affairs thanks to its team of experienced professionals. Blumberry will surprise you with better concepts and better results.

Berlin, Dresden, Munich
Managing directors: 
Marketing, Corporate Communications, PR, advertising, live-communication, digital communication, social media, public affairs
Berlin | Dresden | Munich

Blumberry is an agency for communication - for products and brands for companies, initiatives, and associations.

Good communication is effective communication. It must be unexpected and leave a lasting message. A surprise is key to attracting attention. And good communication is effective and can be measured. This is what we work for. This is what we stand for.

At Blumberry, people work for effective communication: Creatives, advertisers, PR consultants, event specialists, social media experts, production managers, copywriters, editors, advertising consultants, digital experts, campaign creators, designers, musicians, architects, historians, philosophers, economists and many. A different team gets together for each project, everyone continuously encouraged to think out of the box.

The agency is managed by Amil Hota and Lutz Meyer.

Blumberry is a Commarco agency. Germany’s leading holding company for marketing and communication agencies further comprises agencies such as deepblue networks, gkk and Scholz & Friends.


Blumberry is responsible for the planning and coordination of all events and the brand staging at Volkswagen’s “Transparent Factory”, the production site of the Volkswagen Phaeton. Our experienced team for high-class communication and scenography implements creative and strategic concepts on-site.


Blumberry opened its Munich office in October 2012. We’re looking forward to applications and interviews, to the Bavarian mountains and a functioning airport.


The agency was founded in 2011 in the very heart of Berlin: Unter den Linden. Overlooking Berlin’s rooftops with lots of space for creative work and concentration. The departments PR, corporate communications, event & sceography, art direction, design, production and digital are based in Berlin. We work with many external experts who love our roof-top terrace. And more than 50 employees start their day with an office breakfast gaining energy and ideas for common tasks.